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KOGA Shipping, is a global breakbulk and project carrier operated by a lean team of seasoned professionals.

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Ocean Transportation Services

KOGA operates ocean transportation services worldwide, with a strong focus on the United States and the Americas, including ports in Colombia, Venezuela, Trinidad, Guyana and Suriname. This service will cater to the cargoes generated by the oil, gas, mining, power generation, and infrastructure activity in the region.


Colombia transit time:  6-9 days AGW WOG WP

Venezuela transit time: 7-10 days AGW WOG WP

Point Lisas transit time: 7-10 days AGW WOG WP

Guyana transit time: 10-15 days AGW WOG WP


KOGA provides voyage opportunities for ocean carriage of full and part cargoes. KOGA relies on decades of relationships with shipowners, brokers, and cargo interests around the world to develop safe, efficient, and customized chartering solutions for all types of cargo.

Custom Solutions

Often the best solutions are found through leveraging local knowledge and relationships to find the best solutions. In addition to ocean transportation KOGA partners with local suppliers to provide turnkey solutions beyond the water.

The KOGA team has been involved in most of the major projects in the Americas for the past 30 years. The teams unmatched experience and broad network of suppliers and contacts in the region provide clients with a unique proactive approach to find maximum efficiency even in the most difficult environments.


4,000 - 17,500 Deadweight
LOA 95 - 140 mtrs
Low draft capability
Adjustable tweendecks + variable hold configuration
Lifting capacity up to 500mt

Handysize Bulkers

33,000 - 40,000 Deadweight
LOA 160 - 190 mtrs
5 hold/hatches
Geared with 4 x 30 mtons cranes
Open Hatch Box Shape
Koga Revolution vessel
Crane moving tank
Aerial view of vessel
Aerial view of vessel
Aerial view of vessel
Elevation view of vessel


KOGA was built in the midst of a crisis by a team of essential personnel. Here’s who will be helping you get your voyage started quickly and decisively.
Juan Ignacio Lopez
Fernando Maruri
Karol Giron
Director of Operations
Kellie Irias
Director of Commercial Services
Vannessa Tijerina
Traffic and Documentation Manager
Jimena Guarnizo
Documentation Specialist
Martha Gibson
Director of Finance
Enrique Rodriguez
Chartering Manager
Tina Turner
Barketing Manager

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